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BurjTelecom- Top quality Voip Services

BURJ TELECOM lead the way in developing Voice solutions across the Middle East and Africa.


Our international and regional inbound and outbound voice services provide a combination of high quality direct voice termination and cost control for your business.

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Wholesale Voice

A price sensitive BURJ TELECOM offering A-Z voice termination.Our Wholesale product offers affordable international termination and is designed for customers whose wholesale and retail customers demand the best available rate.

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Value added services

BURJ TELECOM offer bespoke solutions for capitalising on new revenue streams for Telco Operators, large or small. We are rapidly increasing our services to all Hard to Reach destinations throughout Africa and AE.

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Flexible payments

With Mobile Money Transfer Services and other services, immigrants living abroad can send funds to their family and friends in their home country.

About Us

Everything you wanted to know about us
VOIP is a method of providing voice service over IP, i.e. Internet

We are a constantly progressing VoIP termination provider with a solid reputation in the market and which spreads for many in VoIP business. Thanks to interconnections with many different world’s leading telecommunication carriers and own unique on-line intelligent routing engine it chooses for each incoming call the highest-quality route for the moment. As the result BURJ Telecom is able to provide the best VoIP termination service on VOIP market and the cheaper rates with best quality available for the really working VoIP routes. If you're looking for a reliable and powerful voice termination provider you can count on, BURJ Telecom is your go-to wholesale VoIP provider. Our service comes standard with the most advanced termination technologies, superb global coverage and redundancy. You are welcome to explore our full range of A-Z termination services.

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